D Black advises upcoming artistes to stay grateful and appreciate all the help they get

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Multiple award-winning rapper, Desmond Kwesi Blackmoore, popularly knows as D Black has advised upcoming artistes to appreciate any form of support they receive on their musical journey.

According to the ‘Oasis Lounge’ owner, staying grateful to the people who helped you climb the ladder goes a long way to increase your lifespan in the industry.

In an interview on YFM’s Disco Diaries by Kojo Manuel, D Black stated;


“The smallest thing anybody does for you, never leave it and never throw it back in their face. Don’t let anyone regret helping you no matter how small or big. Appreciate the smallest thing. I still talk to the first person that put me on air here on YFM almost every month.

“Waxy, the first person that gave me the opportunity to record music in the studio without asking me for money is the same person that mixes my songs till today. For ten years. Even tomorrow, I’ll go see him because I owe him a Christmas present. Don’t ever forget the smallest thing that people do for you,” he added.


“The lifespan of artistes in the industry is very short. You can’t do this for the rest of your life. Six or seven years and you’re gone. Only a few people make it to eight, nine or ten years so appreciate the little help that you get because you don’t know when you’re going to meet those people again”, he continued.

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