Double Standards: This is why they are coming for Lydia Forson’s head on Twitter

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Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson is trending on Twitter after she tweeted that she had a long conversation with  Dancehall Act, Shatta Wale over his rape tweets.Following his ongoing feud with Nigerian musician, Burna Boy, Shatta Wale admitted to rape in a tweet on Sunday, January 2.

“Because he is a rapist. He is jealous I did the same to his girl cuz thats his job Raping jealousy,” Shatta Wale tweeted after he was accused by Burna Boy of rape.

Shatta Wale’s tweet went viral as many people on social media chastised him for the tweet and for his actions. Some even called on the Inspector General of Police to arrest him for admitting to rape which is a crime.

In the ongoing social media debate about how wrong Shatta’s tweet was, one person Ghanaians on Twitter did not think would take the tweet lightly due to her past submissions on rape and rapists on the app, Lydia Forson, made a u-turn which has gotten her into the trends.

In the past, Ms Forson had stated emphatically that rapists and rape apologists should not even be given the chance to dialogue on the issue. She had also stated that once she gets to know of a rapist, her next line of action is to block the fellow.

See screenshots of her past tweets on rape below;



However, Twitter folks were surprised when she tweeted that she had a long conversation on phone with Shatta Wale about his tweets on rape. 

“I just got of the phone with @shattawalegh-we spoke at length about his tweets, especially on rape. It’s been a long conversation. Whiles we’re not entirely on the same page(hopefully we will be eventually)it was important to me that I spoke to him about this; he listened,” Ms Forson tweeted.

Ms. Forson’s revelation on her dialogue with Shatta Wale has since caught fire on Twitter as tweeps cannot comprehend how someone with strong convictions against rape has made a u-turn and is having a dialogue with someone who has publicly admitted to rape

According to Twitter user @korsogymi, “the word hypocrisy should be replaced with Lydia Forson. Shatta wale made all the [email protected] jokes but hasn’t been blocked.”

Another user @thejosephmireku tweed;

“What a bunch of fraudulently fraudulent frauds parading as champions of a cause they clearly have no genuine interest in. This is not a “got you” moment. It’s a time to identify the virtue signalling & double standards of Lydia Forson and Nana Ama for what they are.”
@Mister_Manaf also contributed to the conversation saying;
“The earlier you people realise that Twitter standards don’t apply to friends/fam, the better it’ll be for all of us. Someone who “blocks” all rape apologists is now calling an actual confessed rapist to talk to him about not tweeting such things. Lydia Forson is a rape enabler!”


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