How to Create an Awards Program- A Step by Step Guide

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Many managers and leaders still face difficulties while carrying out an effective awards program. Creating a successful awards program is essential to make your employees feel more motivated and valued for their performance.


Practicing these awards programs can be beneficial for both your employees and also for the growth of your company or organization.


In this blog post, you’ll know all the details of how to create an awards program that can be effective and will also encourage your employees to be more committed and dedicated to the company.



1. Select Award Categories


First, decide what you want to recognize with your awards. It’s important to categorize the areas and fields that you want to recognize your employees. So, to make these awards presentations interesting, add a few entertaining employee award categories.


For instance, if you have employees who have a good sense of humor, or can crack jokes that make everyone giggle, in such cases, awards like “the Office Comedian Award” or “Best Humor Awards” can be a great award category.


There are many categories that you can choose to award your employees, however, it’s important that you choose all of these categories accordingly so that it fits perfectly with the purpose of your employee recognition.


2. Gather Nominations


Shortlist the nominees for each of the award categories you choose. The simplest way to short list these nominees is to use Google Forms, however, the entire collection process needs to be more manual.


After this, collect all the nominees’ names, the reason for their submission, and the nominator’s name. This will help you to short list all the deserving candidates for recognition.



3. Choose the Finalists from Your Nominees



Once you collect all the nominations, you must select a few finalists. For small organizations or companies, all nominees may be finalists, since there are not many employees in the office. However, for larger companies or organizations, 3 to 5 possible winners may be chosen.


You can use several ways to narrow your nominations:


  • Pick one person. The easiest approach to choose finalists is to be the judge of this selection. It could be the event organizer or the company’s CEO.


  • Form a Panel. If you desire a more democratic method, you can assemble a panel of judges. Ensure that you keep the judges in odd numbers so that there are no chances of ties.


  • Pick at random. If you have too many nominations, you can pick five finalists at random.


Regardless, inform the nominators/nominees of the process used so that there is no mistake.



4. Select the Winners


No matter how you do it, when you announce the finalists before, this can generate excitement for the awards programs.


This can be done privately to each finalist, or to build more excitement, publicly announcing the names of the finalists can create a lot of buzz that can be pretty interesting and exciting.


Before the awards event, list the contenders in monthly newsletters, memos, and breakroom TVs.


5. Winners Announced


Once you have selected the winners, let the organization know as well! This can be done online or even in person.


An in-person event boosts publicity for winners and finalists and adds gravitas to prizes. If this isn’t possible, a digital statement can still be a powerful way to thank employees.


Share the employee award winners with other awards and honors, such promotions, work anniversaries, or retirements.



6. Honor the Winners


After announcing the names of the winners, it’s time to recognize the employees with the category you have chosen to award them with. You should provide them with a certificate of appreciation to acknowledge them.


The prize itself doesn’t need to be fancy. Some gifts along with certificates would be enough to get the best out of these programs.


However, do make sure that the gifts that you give to your employees are appreciable by them. So that they can enjoy this gift and stay motivated to bring more success in the near future.




7. Encourage Other Employees to Fight for These Recognitions


Finally, after presenting the employee awards, disseminate the news about the winners’ outstanding efforts. This helps you to spread the word about the employee recognition program and encourage other employees to achieve these awards.



Bottom Line


There are many ways you can create awards programs for recognizing your employees. However, the ways mentioned above are the most effective methods that you can use to proceed with generating the best kind of awards program.


I hope, after reading the entire blog post, you won’t face any issues while creating an awards program.



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