I stand for ‘LetsFixTheCountry,” not FixTheCountry nor FixYourself- Van Vicker

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While the conversation surrounding #FixTheCountry movement still lingers on, Ghanaian actor Van Vicker has voiced his opinion on the matter.


The award-winning actor, in a conversation with Jessica Opare Saforo on Citi FM, stated that although there’s a division on who’s job it is to fix the country, he believes the task lies in the hands of all of us; both government and the citizens.

” Whatever we do, whatever they do, it has a ripple effect both ways…if they decide to be corrupt, say they are, it will have a toll on us. If we decide not to adhere to the regulations they bring, it will come back right at us so indeed I do not think it is the matter of you guys fix the country as in the government. I think it’s a collective effort because if they say let’s clean our surroundings and I decide not to do it, it has a lot of repercussions,” Van Vicker told host Jessica.

In the light go this, Van Vicker, who recently got his Bachelor’s Degree, 21 years after completing Senior High School, is calling on both government and citizens to come together and work toward the betterment of our nation.

“So it’s a collective effort, it’s not just government fix it, it is we all fix it so I am not taking a stand that we should fix ourselves, neither is it government should fix the country, it is collectively, let’s fix the country. Van Vicker that is my stand and I didn’t want to go one way or the other because if you throw weight to one side, those who dey the other side go scatter you” he added.



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