I’m confident and happy after enhancing my body- Kisa Gbekle

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Ghanaian actress, Bisa Gbekle became the talk of town over the past few weeks after she flew all the way to Turkey to undergo body enhancing surgery.

The actress, who now has a new “bumbum”, sat for an interview with Ameyaw Debrah on Ameyaw TV to share the journey as well as her inspiration behind getting her body enhanced.

According to Kisa Gbekle, getting her body done has brought back her confidence which she lost during the lockdown in 2020-2021.

“Yes, I do feel more confident not because of the body but I’ve been through some things during the COVID time and I didn’t die I went through a whole lot of depression, suicidal thoughts came to mind a whole lot. So coming out of that, actually, I became extremely tuff,  happy all the time,” she told Ameyaw in the interview.


The actress who doubles as the owner of a football club, stated that although she has had a lot of hate from social media because she had her body done, she’s not really bothered.

“Nothing really breaks me. The only thing heartbreaking in this world right now is probably if something happens to my mom and somebody that is very close to me, aside that nothing else breaks me,” she stated.


Speaking about the bad comments she has received on social media, she responded;

“You spoke about the comments, I’m dealing with the bad omens. I saw comments like you will die this year. You have cancer. Are you my mother?  Are you God? Please, I’m not really bothered about what they think. I’m happy. That’s all that matters. And people around me are happy you are happy for me too,” she added.

Watch full interview below;

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