My life is a mystery, don’t envy me- Angela Okorie

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Popular Nigerian Actress, Angela Okorie has stated that the reason why she isn’t afraid to show her spirituality and praise God is because of the many wonders she has experienced in her life time.

In a very explosive interview with Ameyaw TV’s Zeinat Issahaku on her recent trip to Ghana, the Nollywood screen goddess explained that her recent display of religiousness on her social media pages is nothing new.


“People who know me from the beginning know I’ve always been spiritual. The fact that you see me at the poolside in a swim suit does not affect my relationship with God. It is a way of bringing some of my fans together,” she told host Zeinat.

She also states that bringing her fans in worship was something she felt would help especially in these trying times.

“I mean in these times of the coronavirus what are you supposed to be telling people.You should have something to say to your fans. You should lead them to the rightful way. You should tell them things they need to do to get the right way. In as musch as we are fjghting all these things, they need to know that there is God. There are people who still believe there’s no God because of situations they found themselves in,” she explained.

The mother of one also advised anyone who might be envying her to not worry themselves because the grace of God is upon her.

“I’ve tested God’s miracles so many times in my life. I’m just a mystery so anyone who is envying me is envying a mystery  Even me I don’t understand how God loves me so much,” she added.

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