Stop tagging me in your fake challenges on IG, none of you came to my aid when I was going through hard times-Princess Shyngle

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There’s a new challenge on Instagram meant to uplift and support women and Gambian actress Princess Shyngle is not here for any of it.


According to her, even though she has been tagged by many other women to participate in the challenge, she’s ignoring them because they weren’t by her side when she went through some rough times this year.

After breaking off her engagement with her fiancé Fred Abaji, Princess Shyngle, also suffered a miscarriage, and depression but was left to her own fate.

In a long post on Instagram, she wrote;


“I’m receiving these challenges on my dm and I honestly don’t want no part of this fake ass shit, I mean how many of y’all have supported me, help promote my movies or support my business, how many of y’all have reached out to me during my most trying times ( losing my pregnancy, depression, anxiety), how many of y’all go on blogs commenting , laughing, sharing to your friends and making fun of my predicaments. Now y’all sending me this shit talking about women empowerment my ass GDFOH. How many of y’all have empowered women around you, cuz for me I have over 30 young women all over the world (my distributors) that I’ve empowered with my business @snatchedbyprincess, making them their own boss ladies, supporting them, promoting them and their business on my page, going all out for them to sell out and make more money and profit than me and this is just the beginning for me. So instead of wasting time and doing Instagram challenges focus on doing the actual real life challenge . No one should send me this abeg, I’m quietly in my lane minding my business doing my thing in peace and not bothering anybody, no one should disturb my peace ✌ y’all are so quick to do online challenges but fake in real life. 💯 any negative comment on my page I’m blocking ur ass , take that shit somewhere else ✌

See screenshot of her post below:

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