Thinking reggae musicians are rebel and smoke weed hurts us a lot – Knii Lante

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Two-time Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ‘Male vocalist of the Year’ winner, Knii Lante believes the media has the power to change and control what music consumers consume.
Answering questions on why reggae music seems to be depreciating in recent times, Knii Lante in an interview with Elvis Crystal on Asaase Radio, said he believes the media and DJs possess the power to make Ghanaian reggae music big again by giving it much airspace on radio and TV.

“The space for reggae music on the airwaves; radio and TV are too small. I mean some years back in the morning, you’ll open the radio every Saturday morning and you’ll be hearing reggae on most channels. … but these days, you hardly hear reggae being played” he said.


Knii Lante also mentioned stereotyping of reggae music and reggae musicians as a factor for the suffering genre. According to him, it drives investors away.

“The stereotyping of reggae music and reggae musicians with everybody thinking a reggae musician is a rebel and smoke weeds, that hurts us a lot. Driving potential investors away,” he lamented.

The ‘Baby Take Good Care ‘ hitmaker who is out promoting his new two singles, ‘This Thing’ and ‘Boot Off,’ says Ghanaian gatekeepers have the power to direct what the music consumer consumes.


“If the gatekeepers, the media houses and DJs decide to give one hour to Ghanaian jazz, there will be a lot of Ghanaian jazz musicians after a year. The DJs and the media houses have the power to change consumption patterns,” Knii Lante said.

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